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About us

Concept+, founded in Dubai in 2021, is a workspace that offers a full range of services for Startups and individuals to craft their business way into the world successfully. Skip the fees and paperwork of renting your own office, and enjoy the freedom of having a space, ready to be reserved whenever you need it- by the hour, the day, the month or more.

At Concept+, we strive to cultivate the fresh young creative minds and help them to unleash their full potential. We will handle your idea from birth till it's mature enough to proceed on its own. Our services revolve around 6 circles: coworking, incubator, cocreate, academy, community and capsule (or shop). Whether it's legal work, training, consulting, marketing and social media, or simply meeting space, get your needs fulfilled with us.

Through this journey, we opt to create a community of brilliant individuals who are motivated to go further into making the world a better place. Our team of experts and fresh minds work together, in a friendly environment, to support your startup and equip you with the right tools to face any challenge.

Concept+ is an incubator center that offers a full range of services for startups to craft their business journey into the world successfully.

At Concept+, we strive to cultivate creative minds and help them to unleash their full potential. We opt to have a community that is enthusiastic about a brighter future. Our team consists of positive vibrant individuals that will support your startup to withstand all the challenges. At concept+ we believe, Co-Creation is the secret sauce to success. With our team of fresh minds and masters in different fields, we offer your business everything it needs to be launched. From legal work, to technical support, to marketing expertise, to finance/accounting services, to recruiting and training, to all the services that your seed needs to grow. Your startup will be ready to face all the challenges with a robust basis.